Saturday June 15th, 2024
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Rival City Heights (USA) Live At Cairo Jazz Club

Flying in from the States for your listening pleasure are none other than cult rockers, Rival City Heights are hitting up CJC, after Hassan Ramzy eases us into the night this October 6th.

Staff Writer

Rival City Heights (USA) Live At Cairo Jazz Club

Live at Cairo Jazz Club, all the way from California and Michigan, USA, Rock‘n’Roll band Rival City Heights will hit the most prominent and long-standing local venue in the city on Tuesday 6th October - a day off, so you definitely can't miss it. Front-man Jeff Gutt hailing from Detroit, MI, appeared on two seasons of The X Factor, and was once dubbed one of the most influential X Factor contestants of all time. He once fronted previous bands Dry Cell, Acrylic, Band with No Name, and Punch. Now settled with his four band members in Rival City Heights, playing Alternative Rock music, that is perhaps extraneously inspired by Rock ‘n’ Roll culture if we’re going to be musically accurate, their sound is like nothing Egypt has heard before.

The five-piece band are taking the USA as well as the Middle East by storm and gaining momentum faster than wildfire and with a background like theirs gaining; their inevitable success and progression is already in the works. Expect loads of guitar smashing, drum (skin) banging and vocal power shooting straight through the pit and into you ladies and gents. Not the kinda gig to stand still during, so look your best as always, but do mind those heels and fancy outfits; that's so not Rock'n'Roll. Alternative Tuesday is about to get louder and more uproarious than ever. The night kicks off with smooth sailing acoustic guitar player Hassan Ramzy playing unplugged, soulful Rock tunes to get you started nice and easy. Rival City Heights are on at 11.30pm while Hassan Ramzy shoots off beforehand around 10.30pm.

You know the House Rules:

Table reservation necessary.

Entrance at door's discretion.

Strictly couples only.

Minimum entry age 25.

Doors close at full capacity

Check out Rival City Heights' Facebook page here, and Twitter here.

Check out Hassan Ramzy's Facebook page here.

Check out Cairo Jazz Club's Facebook event here.