Saturday December 2nd, 2023
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Sahel Select 010: Mou

The final episode of this season's Sahel Select is brought to you by budding DJ/Producer, Mou.

Staff Writer

Alas, Sahel season draws to an end, leaving us distraught and helplessly waiting in line at the gates of Alamein Road as we begrudgingly make our way back to C-town. Two things can help you in this situation; music and Xanax. We have your back kids - with the music, not the Xanax.

The tenth and final episode of this season's Sahel Select is brought to you by the super talented Mou. A very capable Producer and DJ, Mou has seen releases on labels such as Crossings, Balkan Connection, PHE Elements, and Electronic Tree. His tracks have seen support by major artists like Robert Babicz, Paco Osuna, Nick Warren, Darren Epilson, and many more; a fantastic addition to Sahel Select.A perfect laid-back mix, intended to help you through those less-than-graceful moments when all you need is a simple beat that won't add to the excruciating pain you sustained the night before. The episode features music by Powel, Gorje Hewek & Izhevski, Philip Chedid, Bondi, and many more. An eclectic Deep House summer mix, perfect for those lazy come downs. Considering this is the last episode of this season's Sahel Select, we couldn't find a more suitable mix to bid you farewell. Stay tuned for our year round series, coming very soon.

Check out Mou on Facebook here, and pass by his Soundcloud page for more.