Wednesday 30 of November, 2022
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SceneNoise Select 012: Mazen El Messery

Episode 12 comes from an obscure Egyptian DJ who not many people have heard of before: Mazen El Messery.

Staff Writer

A young aspiring DJ landed on our radar lately; Mazen El Messery is the scene's newest fledgling. He sent us this set and we honestly can't get enough of it. Not a lot of people know him, or know of his music, but they should. Set to play at Distant Sounds - an underground desert festival taking place this month in Fayoum - we caught up with budding artist and had him record this set for us.Deep house and techno take the headline today, as the artists utilises these genres' sounds, blending them perfectly. Featuring tracks by Mose Robert, Hraach, Lukas Endhardt, Mira & Chris Schawrzwalder, and several others, the set starts out with an ethnic, Oriental vibe. Very ethereal at first and continues on that same note, yet finds place for that infectious bounce that every set should have. In a parallel world, we would rather tell you when NOT to have our sets playing but, alas; so, play this set when you're on the climb, pre-drinking with friends before the party, or on any time when you are still looking for something to help you get going.

Follow Mazen El Messery on Soundcloud here and Facebook here.