Thursday March 30th, 2023
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Single Review: 'Msh Ensan Tabe'y' By Rassef L'bkaria

Egyptian band Rassef L'bkaria - and their music - are absolutely nuts! Msh nas tabe3ya!

Staff Writer

Be it breakdancing at the library of Alexandria, skillfully drawing on walls in Downtown, pulling off awesome percussion beats using cups and spoons at a café, or even singing on the sidewalk, Egyptians are all about art. Music has always been a dominant factor in the Egyptian culture, ranging from the mawwalsha3by, and Folklore to Pop, Rap, and Fusion. Egypt has seen an outburst and surplus of bands appear all over Cairo lately, with Arabic Rap and Fusion becoming very trendy genres that appeal to the local audience. Rassef L’bkariya (Sidewalk of Geniuses) is a relatively new band, having started back in 2013. On the 5th of March, they released their new hit video Msh Ensan Tabe'y (Not a Normal Human), earning a generous amount of support from satisfied fans. The lyrics of the song are indirectly expressing the good and bad inside of each human; the context and style revolve around everyday life experiences. Rassef L’bkariya decided to release their hit Rap song with an animated video that highlights the lyrics and adds an element of comedy just for laughs.


The band’s philosophy very directly relates to their name. According to the band, “We believe that every talented musician was born from the raseef/ sidewalk," which represents the struggle and the road through music towards their passions and dreams. All the great artists once performed on the streets, not caring about earning money or getting connections or fame. It’s about delivering honest and loving music that makes people happy and delivers them to new horizons of thought.” Be sure to check out their new hit video here:




مش انسان طبيعي - Msh Ensan Tabe3y

Rassef l'bkariya - Msh Ensan Tabe'y Stay tuned for our upcoming EP..  #bewareoftheowlرصيف العبقرية - مش انسان طبيعي استنوا الالبوم ..  #البومه_حضرت

Posted by ‎Rassef L'bkariya - رصيف العبقرية‎ on Saturday, March 5, 2016



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