Saturday July 20th, 2024
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Soopar Lox: New Album Semsesizer Drops at CJC

Cairo Jazz Club keeps our hunger for innovative music satisfied once again with Soopar Lox releasing their new album, Semsesizer, tonight. We get the first listen...

Staff Writer

Soopar Lox: New Album Semsesizer Drops at CJC

There’s loving Cairo Jazz Club, then, more importantly, there’s appreciating the venue for being the pioneering hub that inspired and brought forward the best of Egypt’s aspiring musicians.

Soopar Lox has the venue filled to the brim whenever they hit the stage. Tonight, June 3rd, CJC will be extra special with the Cairo favourites launching their new album Semsesizer. The innovative musicians bring rich and new melodies with their success residing in their ability to intertwine a variety of melodies brought by each of the band members' personal background in music as well as a strong awareness of local Egyptian music which is prevalent in their track, I Don’t Wanna Go Home. Combining electronic music and good old fashioned instruments with a strong Middle Eastern touch, the infusion of instruments and profound beats are much in line with a night out to both dance and appreciate good music. The whole album incorporates just that and it isn’t enough to simply hear the beats on your earphones; the experience is so much more tangible live.

It would be unfair to label their music as House or Electronic seeing that the reason behind their success is that they are so much more than that. Each track on Semsesizer is very distinct with sudden bursts of oud, trumpet and flute making the whole album sound familiar, before, without caution, the bass drops: a blend that meshes well and keeps a crowd on their tip toes.

Their edge is that each of the four-member band has a solid history with music, as well as their creativity and obvious chemistry. There’s Akram El Sherif who plays both the oud and the electric guitar, Hamdeen Sabry rocks the bass, Bassem Wadie provides the killer soothing and strong vocals and lastly Negmeddin with his command of rhythm on drums and electronics. Thing is, it really is a risk when it comes to infusing so many different musical characters but if executed right you end up with a truly rich performance. There’s a Daft Punk feel to their music but with their own signature spin on things catering to both Orientalists and ravers with every beat.

The track Sunrise rings true their mission of finding “eternal groove” as you imagine yourself on a deserted beach, the  morning after the night before, but still wanting to party.  And if it's a party you want, you can't miss their album launch tonight. Find out more here.