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Video: Salalem Release New Stop Motion Animated Music Video

For their new single Ew3a Tedaye2 Nafsak, Salalem's latest video is an ode to animation and cartoons - perfect for their Indie Pop sound.

For over 10 years, the beloved Egyptian Pop band Salalem have had audiences laughing with witty, sarcastic lyrics over their funky beats. Continuing with their brand of hilarity the six-piece musical outfit are back with a creative new track and video.

Entitled Ew3a Tedaye2 Nafsak (Don’t Sweat It), this new mellow song comes off as a feel-good Pop tune that is sure to be smiles on Egyptian faces. Even better than the song is the video which skillfully re-imagines band members as cartoons in a stylish motion graphic video reminiscent to the South Park style of animation.

The music video is more than fitting to Salalem's comedic styles and will surely be talked about as its animation stands out from other Egyptian music videos. Upon further investigation we realised the backdrops were eerily familiar to an Smurfs to Throw game available for phones.

Check it out for yourself, and tell us what you think of this new video in the comments below.