Thursday March 30th, 2023
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Yasmine Hamdan Just Released a New Music Video and It's Beautiful

Lebanese indie sensation Yasmine Hamdan just posted the new music video for the first single off her new album a few hours ago and it's going crazy viral already.

Staff Writer

Anyone into the Arab indie scene knows Yasmine Hamdan. Today, after an almost four year hiatus, she just released the music video for the first single - La Ba'den - off her upcoming album Al Jamilat.The video is directed by Palestinian Elia Suleiman, showing her exiting her apartment, taking an elevator, into a car and to her studio. The song itself is sublime; the lyrics don't have a certain message. It's a very laid back art rock song, where Hamdan departs from the acoustic alternative rock sound she had adopted in previous years. A different approach that is very welcomed, we certainly cannot wait for the full album release.

The Lebanese singer started her musical career in 1997, after meeting Zeid Hamdan (not related) where together they formed the much celebrated duo, SoapKills. In recent years, Hamdan - Yasmine, not Zeid - went solo, releasing her debut album Ya Nass in 2012, receiving major critical acclaim across the board. 

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