Friday June 14th, 2024
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Digla: More to Light

Native Cairo Rockers Digla just released a dynamic new four-track EP...

Staff Writer

 Digla: More to Light
After a long absence, native Cairo rockers Digla return with the much anticipated EP More To Light. Rollin’ through its four dynamic and spirited tracks with rocking drums, guitars and a dash of keyboards is an easy listening experience. Opening track Rising assures that everything will be alright with its uplifting chorus and pulsing beats. This trend continues throughout the rest of the tracks.
The EP evokes softer shades of Pearl Jam and other 90s rock titans combined with influences from new millennium mainstays such as Coldplay to bring a more modern brand of accessible rock to Cairo. Especially the last track sounds like it could have been lifted from the B sides of a modern pop rock band. It’s easy to see this material going over quite well in a live setting with the band’s established fanbase. Digla's new songs are easy to process and even danceable at times, such as the end of the second track Slippery Ground with its disco beat.
However, Rock fans looking for a harder edge or more progressive tendencies should probably look elsewhere. Digla's new release will find itself a lot of fans but it doesn't necessarily stray from the formulaic radio-friendly sound that saturates radio waves worldwide. Check out one of the tracks below. 

You can check out their Facebook page here