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9 Egyptian Restaurants Around The World Doing it Right

Bringing Egyptian cuisine and culture to foreign cities and delighting the senses.

We are a proud people. When we travel, we make our presence known and probably leave our mark in more than one way. And when we move abroad, you best believe we will leave our mark. One could say our best export is our people.

Now picture this, you’re far away from home, and you really want your molokhiya, koshary, fattah, and pretty much every dish you’ve been craving from Om El Donya. Luckily, our cuisine has made it to most of the world’s major cities, as our people have, and you can never be that far away from a delicious falafel “wrap”. Here are some of the best, and highest rated, spots for Egyptian eats around the world. 

Maha’s Egyptian Brunch – Toronto, Canada
Photo Credit: Maha’s Fine Egyptian Cuisine – Facebook

This is bound to be your favourite Egyptian brunch spot. With that homemade quality you’ve been craving while away, Maha is here for the rescue. The long lines are literally the only downside, but if you time it right, you can beat them. 

Tut’s Egyptian Eatery – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Photo Credit:

Vibrant colours make this spot inviting, and the food makes you want to stay. All your favourite dishes at reasonable prices right here. Visiting or living in South East Asia, as exciting as it can be, can also get pretty tiring when you miss certain foods. So the next time you're done with Nasi Lemak and curries and just want a nice homely Egyptian dish... Tut's it is.

New York Koshary – New York, NY, USA
Photo Credit:

Offering a staple of Egyptian cuisine, New York Koshary adds its own twist on the classic dish, from chicken, to shrimps, to quinoa: welcome to the future of koshary. 

Uchimura Restaurant – Tokyo, Japan
Photo Credit: 

A friendly owner and staff, a laid-back, minimalist atmosphere, this hole-in-the-wall spot boasts a 4.7 google rating and has it all: quality, flavour, and price. 

Aladdin Restaurant – Addis Ababa, Ethiopia 
Photo Credit:

Just as you come by a few Ethiopian spots around Cairo, our neighbours down south proudly serve out traditional eats in a restaurant that’s touted as one of the best in the capital city.

Restaurant Amira – Berlin, Germany
Photo Credit:

A family-run operation, Restaurant Amira serves food that’ll remind you of mama. Just look at that mombar

Cairo Takeaway – Sydney, Australia
Photo Credit:

This little spot with a sweet outdoor sitting area is sure to set off nostalgia. Egyptians in Sydney say it’s the most authentic of its kind in the city. 

Les Pyramides – Cayenne, French Guiana
Photo Credit: Trip Advisor

One of only a handful of Egyptian restaurants in South America, Les Pyramides gives the continent a glimpse into our cuisine, with some other North African elements. 

Micka Falafel – Paris, France
Photo Credit: Trip Advisor

Serving up one of our oldest and most well-known dishes as their speciality, Micka Falafel (isn’t it ta3meya though? We're guessing they're from Alexandria) is a takeaway spot offering big portions that you’re sure to go back for.