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A Thousand and One Nights of Serenity at Morocco’s Sunrise Palace

Situated in the heart of the Moroccan desert, Sunrise Palace offers unique views of an endless expanse of sand dunes and a tranquil pool.

There’s total enchantment in knowing that as you float on a cool pool of water during summer and let thoughts fade out while staring at clouds shifting through the sky, you’re surrounded by a dry ocean, an endless expanse of Moroccan desert. Blending seamlessly with Merzouga’s desert, Sunrise Palace is a boutique hotel that was established in 2021 by Moroccan Youssef Oubza.

Oubza found his calling in sharing the heart and soul of his desert with travellers. As such, there’s a pool smack-dab in the middle of the sand dunes, alongside a hospitable stay made up by Moorish aesthetics. Sunrise Palace is within touching distance of a Camel trekking camp, which lets you go bird watching for flamingos before unwinding by Lake Daya Tamezguidat.

Staying in this desert den ranges from EUR 100 (~EGP 1,981) for a double bed room to EUR 200 (~EGP 3,965) for a four-person suite. Regardless of what you opt for, all rooms at Sunrise Palace boast panoramic views of sand dunes, that is if they don’t persuade you enough to sleep in a tent before riding a camel or going on a quad excursion.