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Founded by Locals ‘Amazing Siwa’ Gives You a Truly Insider Experience

Uncover a different side of Siwa with Amazing Siwa, the only travel company founded by Siwan locals…

The people of Siwa are unlike other Egyptians. This community of Amazighs, otherwise known as Berbers, has its own language, its own traditions, and its own perspective on the desert oasis. To us, Siwa is an escape, an isolated vacation spot to rest and recharge at one of its many ecolodges. But to them, Siwa is all that and more: not just a place to welcome guests amongst their palm trees and olive groves and dome-shaped kershef houses, but a community born of a long and ancient history distinct from the rest of Egypt. Founded by a native Siwan, Amazing Siwa is a travel company bringing us to the heart of Siwa as they know it.

“What makes us different is that we have local expertise,” Amazing Siwa tells #SceneTraveller. “Most travel agencies do work with locals on the ground, but are not based here, and don’t hail from Siwa. We’re very one-on-one with our guests, and follow up personally with them, with the hopes of having them experience Siwa with us.”

The majority of the organised trips to the oasis are geared for groups, and adopt a one-size-fits-all strategy. Amazing Siwa, on the other hand, creates personalised packages based on what each traveller is looking for, whether that is sightseeing, de-stressing, exploring local culture, or venturing into nature. Their trips will also bring you on excursions to the historical marvels of the oasis, which include the Shali Fortress, a towering mudbrick structure that was built in the 12th century by just 40 men, and the Temple of the Oracle, which dates back to the reign of Pharaoh Amasis II, and was once visited by Alexander the Great.

Their packages include accommodations, transfers, meals, excursions, guides - pretty much anything you could ask for, you're taken care of. To experience Siwa like you've never seen it before, DM them through their Instagram account at @amazing_siwa.