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This Luxor Boutique Hotel Is Straight Out of A Fairy Tale and You Probably Never Knew it Existed

Just 4 kilometres away from the Valley of the Kings, Hotel Al Moudira has all the makings of a royal getaway. And we have the pictures to prove it.

Bored of every single trip turning into either Sahel or Sinai? Well, so are we. So when we stumbled onto Hotel Al Moudira, it was like suddenly realising there's been a beautiful painting on the walls of your salon that you only just noticed because Tante Samah pointed it out the ONE time anyone actually visited and sat in that room. Except Al Moudira isn't even THAT old.

Situated only 4 kilometres away from the Valley of the Kings, the hotel launched in 2001 in all its Egyptian glory. Its patios ornate with arabesques, rooms designed to leave you feeling like you woke up to your oriental dream made reality, and every little detail have left us feeling that our getaways no longer need be the same old clubbing Sahel vacation, or just some random hippie retreat to Nuweiba.

So without further ado, check out these amazing photos:

For more details, and reservation inquiries visit their website here.