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Make the Most of March With These Awesome Adventures

From the mysterious Black Desert in Egypt to the vibrant cities of South Africa, it’s time to embrace March madness with these fantastic travel opportunities.

Spring has sprung, bringing with it fresh air, a sunny sky and new beginnings. And there’s no better way to celebrate a new beginning than with a new journey. Embark on your next chapter with these local and international adventures throughout March…

LATINO VIBRAS | @travistaegypt

Date: March 15th to March 25th

Price: EGP 34,900

Throw yourself into adventure with a tour of Rio de Janeiro, Paraty, and Sao Paulo. Skydive, visit waterfalls, go island hopping, scale mountains, visit coffee farms, and soak in the nation’s colourful Latin heritage. For more information, visit

Price includes accommodation, daily breakfast, round trip flights, transfers, all tours, and all guides. Optional tours, visas, PCR tests, and personal expenses are not included in the price.


Date: March 10th to March 19th

Price: EGP 20,160

Few countries on earth can rival the beauty of the South African landscape, which Gazef is taking a group of travellers to explore. Visit Cape Town, Sedgefield, Tsitsikamma, and Plettenberg Bay to canoe, hike, ride a cable car, and watch the sunset.

Price includes all accommodation, meals, transfers, tours, activities, and tour guides, but does not include flights, visas, and PCR tests.

JOURNEY TO YOURSELF | @kailonaturetherapy

Date: March 19th to March 26th

Price: EGP 20,880

Embark on an inner journey with Kailo Nature Therapy in El Gouna, where an intimate group of travellers will partake in a healing experience both in the town of El Gouna and out in the desert with music, movement, and dance. For more information, visit

The cost includes all accommodation, several daily sessions, a private half-day boat trip, and transfers to and from the airport. Flights, visas, PCR tests and personal expenses are not included.


Date: March 24th to March 25th

Price: EGP 3,400

Enjoy unspoiled nature and some of the most beautiful desert scenery in Egypt with Gazef. You’ll get to see stunning salt lakes, the Crystal Mountain, Agabat, and the Black Mountain while immersing yourself in the local Bedouin experience.

The trip includes accommodation, transfers, activities, and all meals. It does not include personal spending, tips, and sleeping bags.

NEW HERMOPOLIS RETREAT | @ninehealingvibes

Date: March 11th to March 14th

Price: EGP 10,480

When you aren’t enjoying the beautiful, natural surroundings of Minya or practising your breathing and downward-facing dog, trip-goers will have the chance to visit Tuna El Gabal, Akhenaton city in Tel El Amarna, Ashmunin, Bani Hassan and the gallery of the renowned artist Hassan Al Sharq, and will be treated to an exclusive dinner and tahtheeb show by the famed Hassan El Grietly Troupe.

Price includes accommodation, transportation, all activities and guides, and half board. Additional activities or personal expenses aren’t included.


Date: March 3rd to 6th

Price: EGP 8,555

Visit Egypt’s stunning Dakhla Oasis in Al Tarfa Desert Sanctuary, one of the most acclaimed lodges and private reserves in the region. Pause time with this meditative retreat with Heba El Ghazaly, one of Egypt’s top vinyasa yogis.

Price includes half board accommodation, all yoga and meditation classes, flights from Cairo, and transfers. Gratuity and personal costs are not included.


Date: March 10th to March 13th

Price: EGP 4,900

Explore the Nile corniche of Aswan in a private felouka, visit Heissa island, Philae Temple, and the Temple of Abu Simbel during this group trip to Egypt’s Nubian hub, Aswan.

Price includes accommodation, all transfers, meals, activities, passes, and the chaperone. It does not include flights, soft drinks, and personal expenses.

A SKY FULL OF STARS: WADI AL HITAN | @footloose.egypt

Date: March 4th to March 6th

Price: EGP 1,000

Embark on this stargazing and astronomy trip guided by the Egyptian Society for Astronomy and Footloose Egypt. Visit the Wadi El-Hitan open-air museum, hike the Wadi El-Hitan mountain to catch the sunrise, and sit by the campfire sipping Bedouin tea and roasting marshmallows as you take in the starry skies. Visit their Footloose’s Facebook page to reserve your slot.

Price includes transportation, all passes and activities, all meals, as well as the astronomy program. Not included in the price are sleeping bags and private tents.


Date: March 18th to March 21st

Price: EGP 6,000

Healing and wellness space Sarmadi8 is teaming up with shaman Shakinah Abir to awaken new life within you during a full moon and spring equinox road trip to New Hermopolis, Dendera Temple, and Abydos that will include yoga and sound medicine.

Price includes all accomodation, meals, tours and activities, transfers, and bus transportation to and from Cairo.

DESERT DAYDREAMS: SIWA | @footloose.egypt

Date: March 3rd to March 7th

Price: EGP 3,750

Visit Siwa’s mystical salt lakes and take in the desert sunset. On this trip, you will have the opportunity to visit Cleopatra Spring, the Temple of Amun Gabal Al Mawta, Dakrour Mountain, Fantasy Island and Taghaghien Island.

Price includes transportation, activities, passes, and accommodation with half board. Additional meals, a single room, or optional activities are not included.