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This Marsa Alam Lodge is Totally Built from Fossilised Coral Limestone

Lather on yet another thick coat of sunscreen Wadi Sabarah Lodge is bringing that rustic poet aesthetic by the Red Sea.

Cue poorly directed naughties television scam. Clears virtual throat. Are you knees deep into Bukowsi’s nihilistic viewpoints and Patti Smith’s heart wrenching memoir? Have you been spending lonesome afternoons chain smoking to Angel Olsen’s discography and grazing on cotton candy grapes? Is your twitter feed submerged in ‘All Too Well the ten minute version’ threads? Then you’re the target tortured poet Wadi Sabarah Lodge aims to accommodate.

This cottagecore village life is no longer an obsolete dream you have to suppress because Marsa Allam’s Wadi Sabarah is breathing life into the folkloric aspiration. It takes very little deliberation to determine that the lodge entrenches itself deep within the crevices of cultural commodities. Upon first glance, Wadi Sabarah is the equivalent to a metastasized underwater cave, however, upon closer inspection, you’ll learn that the quaint coastal stay has much more to offer.

Built from fossilised coastal limestone and surrounded entirely by open water, the Al Qusayr based tranquil escape consists of 49 rooms and three suites. Generously decorated with a slew of traditional art and pottery the lodge channels that Dahab girl meets Sahel boy summer romance aesthetic that’s been plaguing our instagram feeds since summer’s blissful inauguration.

The Wadi Sabarah lodge is located 25 kilometres north of central Marsa Alam, and boasts four categorised levels of rooms. Depending on the season and whether the occupancy is single or double, their standard room ranges from 50 to 105 euros, while their best suite, the J Suite, ranges between 80-180 euros per person. A half-board supplement is an additional 15 euros, while a full-board supplement is 25 euros.  It’s giving escapism, as usual, but mainly our first vacay from work as broké material gorls.

Contact them through their or call 01222328155