Monday May 20th, 2024
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Stara Art Space to Open Downtown

Taking over one of the Middle East's oldest theatres, Stara plans to create more opportunities for artists of all disciplines, launching this February 22nd.

Staff Writer

Stara Art Space to Open Downtown

Downtown Cairo's flourishing arts and culture scene is to be introduced to a new venue space Stara (Curtain) on Emad Eldin Street. This is fantastic news for the city's creative representatives, with such burgeoning talent in the fields of alternative music, theatre and art more, and more spaces to perform is exactly what Cairo needs.

The Stara project has found a home at one of the oldest theatres in Egypt and the Middle East, El-Rihany, now owned by DJ Academy's Sherif El Ebiary. "Since the likes of Geneina Theatre closed down, we wanted to create a new platform for underground art in Cairo," Stara founder and visual artist Mostafa 'Tefa' Sedky, who teamed up with El Ebiary, explained to us.

Their opening event will take place on the 22nd of February featuring the sonic explorations of Aya Metwalli who always brings something new to the table, whether it's her synth-driven experimental Electronica or sulty Arabic acoustic efforts. Also performing will be Abdullah Miniawy and Ahmed Salah who have garnered a cult following with their Sufi Electro collaboration.

Upcoming events include freestyle rap battles, theatrical performance from Lel We Ain, dance and oud workshops as well as stand up comedy. You can keep up to date with Stara on their fanpage here.