Monday 5 of December, 2022
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Video: Lion Attacks Handler in Egypt Circus

Check out the shocking footage of lion handler Faten El-Helw being mauled in a Tanta circus.

Staff Writer

Lions have no place in a circus. Taming them is inhumane, cruel, and a danger to those in attendence. On Thursday, Mandy the lion had enough of life behind bars and turned its claws on renowned Egyptian Lion tamer Faten El-Helw in the Delta city of Tanta.

Immediately after the attack, El-Helw was rushed to the hospital. After attending to her wounds, El-Helw was released from hospital and is expected to make a full recovery. The El-Helw family is famous for being lion tamers, but apparently aren't very good or have succumbed to karma as even her father has died in the 1980s after being attacked by one of his lions.

Hopefully, this family will clue in that taming lions is cruel and is not worth risking one life, as circuses around the globe increasingly acknowledge that animal torture is not entertaining