Wednesday March 29th, 2023
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Attackers Beat Up Monkeys in Alexandria Zoo

In yet another shocking display of animal rights abuses, two men were seen publicly beating up monkeys and stealing their food.

Staff Writer

Animal rights have never been big on the agenda in Egypt, but this weekend things were taken to a whole new level in Alexandria’s zoo as animal abuse was essentially turned into a spectator sport. Two men broke into the monkey enclosure at the zoo, armed with sticks, and beat up several of the monkeys while a crowd of people overlooking the enclosure watched and laughed. The men then casually stole their bananas and ate them, which would almost sound funny if they hadn’t needlessly attacked the helpless animals beforehand.

According to Mirna El Helbawi on Twitter, once the men entered the enclosure, most of the monkeys fled to the top, but several others had to endure a beating by the two men in front of a rather entertained crowd of onlookers, who clapped and laughed, finding the whole spectacle rather amusing apparently. Security at the zoo didn’t intervene and eventually the men left. Unsurprisingly, the two attackers suffered no consequences and there is still no news on the health of the monkeys, or any videos to be released showing the attack.

THIS IS HOW PLANET OF THE APES HAPPENS, PEOPLE. One day when the monkeys are in charge, they too, will beat us up and steal our favourite food. Stop abusing animals. When they rise against us, it won't be pretty. 

Photos courtesy of Mirna El Helbawi.