Saturday May 18th, 2024
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10 Incredible Photos that Captured Last Night's Thunderstorm in Egypt

Everyone released their inner photographer and shared what the storm looked like from wherever they were in Egypt.

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10 Incredible Photos that Captured Last Night's Thunderstorm in Egypt

Egyptians are obsessed with the weather. When it gets a little cold in the winter you hear a lot of ya lahwy 3al sa23a. And when there’s a little gust of wind, baba will tell you it's too cold to go out. More often than not, the weather is actually far from extreme. Like seriously, have you heard of what happens farther north during the winter? We’re pretty damn lucky.

Last night however, Egyptians had a whole lot to obsess about. It might rain a little from time to time in the winter, but rarely do we get a real thunderstorm roar. A roar that sends shivers down your spine and terrifies the little ones in their beds. We also got a magnificent light show that was captured and shared around on social media. Here’s what we found for you.

Photo by Nader Badhan

Photo by Hisham Etsh

Photo by Marwan M. El-Qalmoush.

Photo by Marwan M. El-Qalmoush.


Winter's last performance

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 Main photo by Nariman El Mofty.