Sunday December 3rd, 2023
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30 of the Middle East's Biggest Artists Are Performing at the Cairo Citadel Music Festival

The 26th Annual Cairo Citadel Music Festival has some of the best music and the best view of Cairo.

Staff Writer

If there’s anything more beautiful than the view of Cairo from the top of the Salah El Din Citadel it’s the view of Cairo from the top of it at night. And if there’s anything more relaxing than kicking back and listening to your favorite Arabian artists, it’s listening to them live. The Cairo Opera House is leaving Zamalek and heading out to Old Cairo to do just that at their 26th instalment of the Cairo Citadel Music Festival which runs from the 12th till the 26th of August.

Singers Nesma Mahgoub and Ahmed Saad brought the fire at the opening last Saturday and it only gets better from there with many artists from Egypt and all over the Arab world including Saeed El Artist and Tunisian Singer Ghalia Ben Ali, who both performed last night.

The festival is going on till the 26th and the lineup is a perfect mix of underground musicians like Bagdady band and The Jets Band and even some Egyptian greats like Ali El Haggar and Hesham Abbas.

The Cairo Citadel Music festival has always been about introducing underground artists and showing off their talent and celebrating some of Egypt and the Arab world’s best talent. This year’s lineup is no exception. Be sure to check out the full lineup right here.