Thursday April 18th, 2024
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6ix Degrees is Taking Over Sahel Again this Summer!

The Sahel super-club is back with a vengeance and a mission to make this summer the most memorable one yet. Check out all the detail here...

Staff Writer

6ix Degrees is Taking Over Sahel Again this Summer!

Last year, 6ix Degrees shook up the North Coast’s shoreline with its amped up energy and nocturnal antics and this year they’re back at it again. As Sahel season rapidly approaches and city dwellers are literally itching to get out of Cairo, everyone’s got their sights set on the North Coast, and much like with mosalsals, are probably creating schedules as we speak of which hot spots and parties to hit up – obviously, Six Degrees will be at the top of the priority list. If last year was anything to judge by, the seaside shenanigans will only be amplified this summer as the club brings back those blasting beats and signature crazy times.

The nightspot will be flinging open its doors on July 18th in Hacienda Bay and every weekend from then until forever (until the end of August) will feature three back-to-back nights of music and mayhem. Dress to impress – 6ix Degrees is not the spot for your sneakers and cut-off shorts – and prepare for the full-on experience. Every night is themed, ensuring that whether you’re into fist-pumping the night away to House beats or getting your shake and shimmy on to some balady beats, they’ve got you covered. The opening shebang will be a White Party so look your most angelic (despite whatever devilish intentions you may have for the night).

Thursday nights the club is going global with international acts and shows from all over the world. Fridays are going to be feisty with their signature night; this is where they pull out all the stops; local and international DJs, belly dancers, outlandish shows… It’s going to be an audio visual extravaganza. But that’s just the norm for 6ix Degrees.

And finally, Saturdays are all about some local lovin’. Every Saturday will tap at least 4 local spinners to get up on the decks and do their thing – plus, each time they will have a different theme, from nostalgia to R&B, Deep House to Oriental, so strap on those dancing shoes (and by dancing shoes we mean sky high heels). You won’t go home until the sun starts peeking out from beyond the horizon. Except like, literally, because Saturdays are going to be till dawn parties – the nightspot won’t close until it’s good and morning at 6 AM. Prepare for some serious partying. These guys don’t mess around.

The entire place is flat out gorgeous; the stylish structure that's been designed by the one and only Shehab Mazhar and revamped this year by A Design Lab is all swanky and oozes their signature glamorous excess. And yes, it’s the definitive spot for some hardcore partying but should your stomach demand some scrumptious eats – because hey, we all get hungry at parties, no shame, and we damn well deserve to be served up some delectable cuisine – well Six Degrees also just so happens to be part restaurant. And in typical fancypants fashion, you can expect some high end delicious dishes to nibble on during the night.

We’re already gearing up for some good old fashioned fun times by the coast – kefaya Cairo ba2a! – and our calendars are marked IN BIG RED LETTERS with 6ix Degrees’ opening shebang. Summertime antics await…

You can find out more details on their Facebook page here or follow them on Instagram @6ixdegreeseg.

For reservations and inquiries call 0127 6666426.