Sunday May 19th, 2024
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30-Hour Non-Stop Party Set to Shake Up Sahel This Weekend

Wunjo is throwing a 30-hour party in Sahel this weekend and all the slickest spinners in the city are on the lineup.

Staff Writer

30-Hour Non-Stop Party Set to Shake Up Sahel This Weekend

It's midnight on Thursday and you’ve been arguing for hours now if you should go to this club or that club in Sahel only to eventually hand over all your money and possibly your firstborn so that you can watch a belly dancer to the tunes of your mom's favourite Shaabi singer. Party's over at 5 am; you have to navigate hundreds of kilometers just to get to your compound where you doze off midway through stale beer and cold pasta. You wake up around 3 pm all groggy and rush to the beach, only to find yet another queue you have to wait in. You stay then until the sun goes down, and then you repeat last night's shenanigans. You finally get the Eat, Sleep, Rave, Repeat t-shirts and you're not proud. And your feet hurt from those shoes. 

Now, same Sahel time, in a not-so-alternate universe, lies a hole in the space-time continuum where the weekend has no concept of time, and 30 hours are all you need. Sahel's newest hot spot, Wunjo, opens this weekend on August 11th, and promises to uphold a new tradition every weekend of non-stop upbeat music and uninterrupted partying, kicking off with a three day shindig where the party just keeps going. The pool club is the party, the after-party, the after-after-party, and the after-after-after-party - for the true champions. The ecstatic faces and the happy crowd will keep changing, while the sunsets and dawns are just indicators of good selfie light and bad selfie light, but the one thing that will remain constant is the captivating beats and the good vibes. Entrancing us through the numerous nights will be names from all over the musical rainbow from House to Techno. Wunjo will be easing us through the night, smoothly yet deliberately with some of Egypt's best DJs including Gawdat, Ouzo, Shiha, Sebzz, Aly B, Marc Wahba, Fuzzy, Tariq Seddiq, and Black 8 plus a couple more surprises to be unraveleld through this cocktail-fuelled and music-induced trip.

Wunjo has created and a much needed spinoff from the typical party scene, where the music takes center stage and everything else is secondary. Ditch the annoying high-heels and the stiff shirts and dive right into the pool no matter what time it is.

Alternately, step outside for the lounge where you can just kick back and savour scrumptious bites and chilled beer. If you feel like a breather from the amped up party inside - because even the most hardcore among us need some chillaxing in the middle of a three-day rager - Screwdriver will be whipping up some tunes on Thursday and Los Compadres will be taking the stage Friday. 

The opening 30-hour party weekend starts at midnight on Thursday the 11th and ends on Saturday the 13th at 7am so you can start making your Sunday work excuses now. Make sure to send a message to get your membership on their Facebook page, as entry is the only through membership cards, to avoid the long wait that has become de rigueur in Sahel and is wasting our good ol' hard-earned drinking time! But if you already own a card then activate it by sending a message with the serial number and your name and just show it at the gate.

For reservations and more information visit their event page or their Facebook account.