Sunday July 21st, 2024
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A Store Fullah Sugah

Greece's top fast fashion brand will be making a splash in CityStars this May 28th. We get a sneak preview of the European trends they have on offer this summer...

Staff Writer

A Store Fullah Sugah

Once upon a glorious time, Greek culture blessed Egypt. Today there’s just a few nostalgic remnants remaining. Fullah Sugah store brings Greece back on the scene in the best possible way: fashion. With summer pretty much here already, we’re eying up their latest Skittles-hued collections complete with beach-inspired rainbow espadrilles, pastel clutches (perfect for a Sahel party) and innovative denim cuts.

With its new store in City Stars opening this Thursday, May 28th the trendy highstreet brand promises to inject a breath of fresh air in the local shopping scene as they prove that the essentials you need for your everyday life don’t have to be mediocre. We love the vibrant colours and fabrics that give the feeling of a summer in Greece. Brand Manager Hanan El Maazawy certainly agree, saying “we had so many options as to what brand to bring to the fashion scene, but this brand simply stood out. It’s unique, cool and has that Greek aesthetic that speaks to Egyptians. Egyptians and Greeks have so much in common when it comes to culture...and speaking on fashion terms the similar weather helps make the items perfect for Egypt too.” The latter part is so very true; you walk into most foreign stores on a sunny day, just to find a big fur coat...fashionable as it may be it’s not worth the sweat and awkward looks.


El Maazawy and owner Ahmed Mamdouh ventured to Greece to check the quality and finish of one of the best-loved fast fashion brands in Europe, one-on-one. “We had to make sure the clothes weren’t just all looks, quality is essential,” they explain. But when it comes to looks, the clothes speak for themselves. Just browsing their collections online, we’ve already spent a fortune in our minds filling up our summer wardrobes and beyond.

Fullah Sugah will certainly catapult you into summer with style with the “A to Z of the season,” El Maazawy assures us. What really caught our eye are their collection of shoes and bags and the fashion experts agree: “Shoes and accessories will be the first thing you see when you enter the store so you can easily base your clothing items after being inspired. We have so many colours and options, catering to any occasion.” 

With a super selection that brings back the feel of, “old Alexandria and modern Greece,” as El Maazawy tells us, the store aims to highlight the importance of identity in fashion. With so many ladies looking pretty much exactly the same, it’s refreshing to have the choice to be different.

Find out more about Fullah Sugah here.