Monday June 24th, 2024
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Actor Said Tarabiq Pronounced Dead At Age 74

Egyptian cinema has lost yet another comedic contributor; Said Tarabiq was pronounced dead this morning at age 74.

Staff Writer

Actor Said Tarabiq Pronounced Dead At Age 74
Having made headlines just a few months ago for not only remarrying in his seventies, but for taking a wife 40 years his junior, Said Tarabiq, beloved comedic actor, has passed away today. After a 15-day battle with an illness in Al Amal Hospital, Tarabiq was pronounced dead this morning at the age of 74, much to the shock of his new wife, Sarah Tarek. Tarek, who is currently pregnant with the actor's child, tells Al Youm 7 of the emotional turmoil she has been experiencing following the news of her husband's death. Warming the hearts of many with his roles in cinema, soaps, and on stage, Said Tarabiq's loss is a significant one for the Egyptian cinema.
Many have taken to Twitter in Tarabiq's honour, making #سعيد_طرابيك  the highest trending hashtag this morning. While some have chosen to make light of the situation, sending snarky puns and memes across the Internet about the potential reasons for his death and the news of his wife's pregnancy, many are choosing to honour the comedic brilliance of the often overlooked actor whose characters made us chuckle. Gaining popularity through his frequent appearances with comedic great, Adel Imam, Tarabiq is known for his comedic versatility and subtlety. 3esabet 7amada Weh Tutu (1982) and Shahed Mashafsh 7aga (1976) are among Tarabiq's most memorable roles, both alongside Adel Imam, in which his characters often supplemented the comedic element of the work. Peaking in popularity with the turn of the new millennium, 3okal (2004), Khalty Faransa (2004), Fool El Seen El 3azeem (2004), and Ghabi Menno Feeh (2004) are among Tarabiq's other memorable roles, alongside Mohamed Saad, Abla Kamel, Mohamed Heneidi, and Hany Ramzy, respectively. 
Although his name may not ring as loudly as his fellow comedic actors, and while some may not even know his name, they will always remember that he made them laugh. The Egyptian cinema has lost many greats this year - from Nour El Sherif to Samy El Adl - and, to our misfortune, we must add Said Tarabiq to the list.