Saturday September 30th, 2023
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Arabic can be Cool

Have a look how the efforts of Think Marketing Magazine paid off when they converted global logos into Arabic writing...

Staff Writer

Think Marketing Magazine, an online Egyptian magazine, produced a series of transcription insignias that transform popular global logos into Arabic, giving them a cultural veil that localizes well-known brands. 


Using logos associated with brands like Red Bull, the Facebook “Like” button, On the Run, Master Card, Iphone, Blackberry, Twitter, Gmail, QuickTime, Pull and Bear, and Playboy, the innovative visual communication between English and Arabic cultures fights stigmatisms against popular views that consider “Arabic” logos to be tacky, aesthetically speaking. 



However, through its transliteration of the aforementioned logos, an important point is presented; when done in the right way, Arabic symbols have the capacity to carry just as much zeal and influence in terms of creating successful logos. 

Have a look at their stuff here