Saturday April 20th, 2024
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Are You Too Sexy for Cairo?

Cairo-based American belly dancer Aleya dishes the dirt on Egypt and Egyptians to her fellow sisters, but ends up insulting everyone in the process.

Staff Writer

Are You Too Sexy for Cairo?

An American belly dancer has sparked outrage by releasing a controversial video telling visitors how to dress in Egypt. "Are you too sexy for Cairo?" is a 14 minute condescending rant by Aleya of Cairo - who incidently makes her living in the capital. The clip features the feisty foreigner dishing out advice to tourists as though they were about to visit a stone age society plagued by knuckle-dragging neantherdals. The curvy khawaga begins the bizarre rant - originally published on a downmarket advertising site - with: "Are you too sexy for Cairo, I'm going to tell you if you are. Egypt is a conservative nation and many of the women - I don't know what the percentage is - are at least covered with a scarf."

The hard-hitting facts continue as she goes on to explain the importance of covering up. "It's called a hijab, then we have fully covered with black and covered with the face."

Of course the sex education lesson goes on as she explains that "The crotch is a sexy area," before explaining that "bright colours attract bees and everything," (by everything we assume she means men). Shoes are another no-no: "Wedges are cute, they are sexy - they're not to be running around the street in. Most women in Cairo are not dressed up in tall shoes - that says something about you. They still see the heels - they know you are going out, out to have a good time."

Sorry ladies, hair and lipstick are also out of the question. "If you have really long hair people are going to be attracted to you. I would never wear this lipstick outside - dont wear bright red or bright pink lipstick." And erm...clothes: "If it's tight fitting you're going to get harassed."

The entire premise of the clip is based around "us and them," and basically paints the entire Egyptian male populous as a colony of apes allowed out on day release. Harassment is a problem in Egypt - but this video tackles the issue in the most Western-centric and downright offensive way imaginable. It's not big, it's not clever, and most of all you're scaring the tourists away!