Monday September 25th, 2023
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Video: Authorities Arrest Dancer in the Viral 'Hands Off' Video For Inciting Debauchery

A video emerges showing authorities forcibly arresting the dancer that appeared in the terrible but viral 'Hands off' music video for 'inciting debauchery.'

Staff Writer

Last week, an Egyptian music video got the nation laughing. It was so bad it was almost good, but is now awful again as news emerges that the woman in the video has been arrested for ‘inciting debauchery’. 

Once again the courts will be tied up with a matter that will waste time, money, and may strip the freedom from an innocent individual. The curvaceous sensation Reda El-Fouly appeared in the TERRIBLE music video entitled ‘Hands Off’ or “Sib Eddi” and was actually arrested for simply dancing suggestively in the video. Wael El Sedeki is the creator of this atrocious track and his arrest has also been ordered. However, El Sedeki managed to flee to Tunisia when he started receiving backlash on social media. Singing alongside him was a female singer named Mena, who doesn't appear in the video and it is unclear if she too will face charges.

The arrest was captured on video and released by Youm 7, and shows a quite a commotion as officers forcibly manhandle her into a microbus while some can be heard off camera yelling accusations of harassment in the background.

According to the Associated Press, Ahmed Bakly of the Giza prosecution believes the clip to have ‘disrupted morality’ even though the video contains no nudity. It was a low budget crappy video that offended the senses but was so bad it was shareable. Sexy music videos are not new to Egypt and one wonders if the low production led to arrest, or if authorities simply can’t handle a woman with curves.