Tuesday December 5th, 2023
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Dec 05,2023

Egypt Ranks 170 Out of 200 Countries in Internet Speed in 2018

Surprise, surprise.

Staff Writer

An internet ranking of the speeds of the internet across the world has been published by Atlas & Boots, revealing massive differences between internet speeds. Singapore received first place for the second year in a row, while Yemen with the world's worst internet speed took 200th place.

Egypt, unfortunately, is on the bottom half of that list. At 170th place, Egypt's average megabytes per second (mbps) speed is 1.33, meaning it will take you an average of 8 hours and 32 minutes to download a 5GB movie.

In stark contrast, it takes an average Singaporean web surfer a mere 11 minutes to download a 5GB movie, with a massive speed of 60.39mbps, while Yemen's speed of 0.31 mbps grants them maybe a little over 36 hours to download that same amount. 

The rankings were executed by internet comparison site, Cable, last September, collecting data from 169 million speed tests from over 200 countries. For the assessment, Cable has been collecting user data around the world June 2017 to May 2018.

Out of the top 50 countries ranked with the best internet, 27 of them were in Europe, while nine were in Asia, two in North America, two in South American, and a wholesome one in mother Africa.

And it gets better. While the faster internet regions are getting advancement in technology and improvements in coverage, in contrast very little is being done do the less affluent regions, putting Egypt on that list. But we're not alone on that bottom half of the list, with all the Middle Eastern countries – besides Bahrain (97th) and UAE (97th) - also suffering.

Main image from Quartz