Saturday May 18th, 2024
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Shady Ezz & A.K Switch Roles at Cairo Jazz Club

This Friday 13th March might be unlucky for some, but for anyone heading to Cairo Jazz Club, you're in for a treat as DJs A.K and Shady Ezz blend Hip Hop and House. We speak to both of them about switching genres...

Staff Writer

Shady Ezz & A.K Switch Roles at Cairo Jazz Club

If you’ve partied in Cairo, you’ve heard of Shady Ezz: the G-House and Nu Disco DJ is a household name at Cairo Jazz Club and no stranger to the Cairo party crowd. With over a decade of DJing experience, Mister Ezz has very few limits left to push, but come this Friday 13th March, he is pushing these limits like never before. Joining his pal DJ A.K. on the decks, the House God and the Hip Hop Guru are mixing their genres. The result will be a club night unlike anything Cairo Jazz Club has seen before. 

Shady Ezz has played many venues from Pacha Sharm El Sheikh to our very own Cairo Jazz Club where he starts the party on many an epic Friday night. This time, everything will be different: the most unique Friday at Cairo Jazz Club will start with solo sets by both DJs to remind the audience why these two are big shots in this party culture. Later that night, the two will mix it up together, taking a song and giving it both a Hip Hop and a House edge. You will have to move from hips shaking to fist pump reeeal quick. We know this is Friday The Thirteenth but don’t expect any attempts by them to battle each other. The idea is to show how a song can have whatever sound you like. The only killing that will be done will be Shady and A.K. killing it on the decks.

When we met Shady Ezz and A.K., we were interested to see what they know about each other’s niche, considering that they will have to mix their genres in one big, epic party. Both of them have been friends for years, therefore guaranteeing one of the most harmonious sets ever. Shady has to get his swag on, A.K. has to get his rave on. When testin The Big Shady’s Hip Hop knowledge, we realisey has a lot to learn on Friday. No, Big Shady, Tupac was not rocking the 70s. However, Shady tells us that Tupac, Notorious and Fatman Scoop are the epitome of Hip Hop to him. 

For A.K., House tunes exceed the likes of David Guetta. Instead, A.K. personally prefers Deep House and G-House. However, he sees the connection between the two genres and how House music is derivative of Hip Hop. In his eyes, the beats and melodies might change, but every Hip Hop song can be made into a good House tune. And that is exactly what the two are planning. The dynamic duo will be exploring the cross-genre possibilities of any song. Is Jay Z better to shake it or rave to? You decide!

In reality, neither Shady Ezz nor A.K. has to know anything about each other’s genre. What they agree on, however, is that there will be a sound like neither of them have ever played before. 

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