Friday May 24th, 2024
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Cairo Runners Expand into Evening Runs In Your Neighbourhood

Expanding on their massive Friday runs, Cairo Runners are introducing several smaller runs in different neighbourhoods on weekdays.

Staff Writer

Cairo Runners Expand into Evening Runs In Your Neighbourhood

Egyptians have finally started a trend worth following as many enthusiastic, health-conscious citizens have taken to getting fit by embarking on organised runs. Leading the pack is the Cairo Runners group who continue to build a running community that mixes exercise with the fun of socialising. Looking to expand their scope, they've announced that they'll be adding daily, local runs in various neighbourhoods, to support their weekly Friday runs, in hopes of growing and becoming a daily part of people's daily routines.

Organised by Mustafa Abdel-Azim, an athlete and one of the founders of Cairo Runner, he explains that the weekday runs will be held at 7pm, and will consist of a smaller group of devoted runners in various parts of Cairo.

This will come as a blessing for the many who wish to run but hate to wake up early. With an evening run organised in various parts of Cairo, Cairenes will finally have the chance to get some exercise in the evening without having to leave their 'hood'. On their weekly runs the Cairo Runners have managed to entice around 3000 participants, however, with the weekday runs, the Cairo Runners is trying to limit the number to a manageable 50 runners for each area.

Runs will be organised from Sunday through Thursday taking place in a different neighbourhood daily. If you are interested to find out what days and if you can partake we recommend reserving your spot on their Facebook page.

With Egyptians staying fit, we can only assume that it is only a matter of time before Egypt produces a marathon runner worth following, while making this country healthier and, by default, sexier.