Tuesday July 23rd, 2024
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Cairo Runners Half Marathon Powered by Reebok

This Friday, the city's fittest and fastest will battle it out at Cairo Runner's third annual half marathon and Reebok will be there to fuel it all...

Staff Writer

Cairo Runners Half Marathon Powered by Reebok

Want to put athletic capabilities to the test? Well you now can as Cairo Runners are holding their third annual half-marathon event this Friday April 17th. Powered by Reebok and with an expected attendance of 5,000 athletes you better make sure you’re in peak physical condition if you’re aiming for that delicious 3,000LE first place prize or even the 1,500LE second place prize and 1,000LE third place prize! The shorter 7KM run will also be giving away prizes for first second and first place, valued at 2,000LE, 1,000LE and 500LE respectively. The top three in both races will also get goodie bags from Reebok.

Sports pros Reebok have seen their specialist footwear become the top choice for amateur and professional athletes alike so they know what they're doing when it comes to the perfect choice for your routine. And you can find the pair of running shoes that are perfect for you as they hold a special #RunInReebok activation at the half marathon, where they'll let you check out and try on all their models so you can find the pair that's right for you. If you visit the Reebok team, your name will be entered into a draw to win their perfect pair.

Wust El Balad will be closing the half marathon with a sunshine-drenched morning concert at the finish line. Underground bands and cultural performances will also be present throughout the whole event and jugglers, clowns and more will be there to keep the children entertained in the 1KM family run.

So where is the registration money going to go? You’ll be happy to know half of the proceeds will benefit the Abaseya Fever Hospital, in partnership with the Ministry of Youth and the governate of Cairo, while the other half of the proceeds will go towards supporting a charity of the runners’ choice. This will be done through a crowdfunding website, where participants can enter their race number and go in to vote. Voting will start after the marathon.

Be on the lookout for celebrities and #instafamous personalities as well because they will be there too. Have fun folks and remember to stay hydrated! Oh, and there'll be plenty of Bake Rollz at the finish line.