Friday May 24th, 2024
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Can You Handle the Truth?

Downtown Katameya is hosting an Art Attack this weekend as some of Cairo's finest young artists take to the mall with their pens and paintbrushes. Brave enough to get a caricature?

Staff Writer

Can You Handle the Truth?

Have you ever gone to the mall in hope of getting attacked. No? Us Neither. However, that is all about to change thanks to Art Attack at Downtown Katameya mall. A group of clandestine painters and decorators prowling the streets of Cairo dumping cans of paint all over random passersby, right? Wrong. Instead, 12 of Egypt's finest artists will be drawing, sketching and caricaturing their way into your heart. Yes, that's right - all of those years ignoring your weirdly shaped nose and pointy chin will soon amount to nothing. All along you pretended to sport a 'unique' look but now prepare to be faced with the horrifying reality which everybody else sees when they look at your face. In short you are probably just a little ugly and these drawing maestros are so damn good that they will point out your every flaw.

The dream team headed by art guy Mostafa Seleem along with Ahmed Abdel Fattah, Mamdouh Karras and a whole host of other cariciture artists who 
will shatter your ego, confidence and make you feel like the jerk that you really are. Worst of all they will be doing it at a time when you are strutting around like the hottest thing in town, clutching your newly purchasing summer wardrobe. 

Think you have what it takes to beat the Downtown Katameya caricature confidence challenge? Then head to New Cairo on Friday May 23 from 1.30pm and get ready for the moment of truth.*

*You can't handle the truth.**

**This reflects the opinion of CairoScene and may not actually be representative of your ability to digest honesty.

Find out more about Downtown Katameya on their official Facebook page here.