Friday June 21st, 2024
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CNN Mistakes Flag of Dildos For ISIS Flag

A parody flag made up of sex toys caused panic for one CNN reporter...

Staff Writer

CNN Mistakes Flag of Dildos For ISIS Flag

It isn’t often that CNN mistakes Arabic for an assortment of dildos and butt plugs, but that is exactly what happened while covering the London’s Pride Parade on Saturday.

Correspondent Lucy Pawle must be feeling a great deal of embarrassment after spotting someone waving an ISIS-style flag at pride. As always, CNN, in their infinite wisdom, decided that an ISIS flag at a Pride deserves a full segment. Saving a little grace Pawle told CNN “If you look at the flag closely, it’s clearly not Arabic… In fact, it looks like it could be gobbledegook. But it’s very distinctively the ISIS flag.”

The ‘gobbledegook’ she refers to in actuality is wide assortment of dongs and sex toys arranged to look like the ISIS flag. Making matters worse is that Pawle began casting suspicions on the man waving the flag. "I seem to be the only person who has spotted this, and nobody seems to be raising any questions or pointing it out," she tells CNN.

This is hilariously the only thing she got right in this story. She is the only one who noticed the flag, and made a big deal of it, and by doing so has given the public an inside look into how boring her sex life must be.