Thursday July 25th, 2024
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Do Something Different in Sahel this Weekend with Barbican

You could do the same thing you did last week in Sahel or, you could ride a slip n' slide into the sea!

Staff Writer

Do Something Different in Sahel this Weekend with Barbican
If you're anything like us you’ve been spending every possible moment out of the city, enjoying the sweet release of Sahel. And while every Sahel season is full of killer parties and plenty of time spent of loafing around on the beach, seldom do we catch an opportunity to do something really wild.
"Like what?" you ask, full of suspense and mystery. Well, how about playing volleyball with a ball so big it literally takes like five people to get the thing over the net? We know many of you are a little lacking in the motor skills department, especially with the cumulative sediment levels built up over successive Sahel weekends, so getting a few more people involved and making the ball like a million times bigger could save you the embarrassment of totally missing it or weakly hitting it under the net. 
Sound good? Of course it does. Barbican - you know the delicious drink you drink when you want to be responsible(ish) and not murder your poor defenseless brain cells - is inflating the giant ball themselves and providing an all-around fun time at Martin’s Beach with their Mega Volleyball this weekend.
Then, once you’re finished humiliating yourself, or if you're lucky, the other team, in this spatially distorted version of volleyball, hit The Spot Beach for an adult size slip n’ slide that will take you from the beach to the sea faster than you can say ‘malt beverage!’ 
All the while through your Sahel adventures this weekend - that is Friday August 5th and Saturday the 6th if you want to add it to your calendar - be on the lookout for Barbican, their ridiculous events, and their free sample stations featuring all seven of their scrumptious flavours, because it’s important to stay hydrated and water is boring.