Thursday June 1st, 2023
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Dove is Upping Our Sahel Hairstyle Game for the Summer

Ladies, we've found the solution to enjoy Sahel while keeping our hair in check.

Staff Writer

Everytime Sahel season rolls around, we're torn between feelings of excitement for all those hours we'll be spending by the beach and feelings of anxiety as to how we'll be battling the humidity and maintaining any semblance of a presentable appearance where our hair is concerned. Alas, the humidity is what gets us every time and manages to put a damper on all of our beach fun. This year however, Dove has responded to our calls of hair distresses with their summer activation which aims to help us cherish our natural hair and overcome any damage the weather may cause to it.  

With their summer activation, #متخليش_حاجة_توقفك, the personal care brand is supporting women by offering them products that’ll keep them looking fresh all throughout the summer.  For the activation, Dove had all the Sahelites sampling a refreshing shampoo and conditioner to keep their hair in check while on the beach. Constantly encouraging natural beauty and pushing women to be their best selves, the brand got the ladies to try a refreshing hair wash with Dove shampoo and conditioner which actually helped them overcome the frizz and beach-side hair damage. The refreshing wash was followed by hair styling and cute hairpieces to give the makeover look that little extra something. After all the grooming is done, we got to have our pictures taken and put up on the white board using #متخليش_حاجة_توقفك. 

 No? Not enticing enough? Well Dove also gave participatnts alongside their makeover, cool giveaways including Dove's shampoo, conditioner and a towel. 

Dove encourages women to enjoy the season to the fullest by providing them with all the weapons needed to combat the seaside humidity and heat. Both their activations which were in Stella and Tilal were met with positive feedback and smiles all around. Besides, how cool is it to get your hair done and be pampered while on the beach? 

So the next time you're in Sahel, be sure to pass by Amwaj for their third activation!  

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