Wednesday July 24th, 2024
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Drills: The New Egyptian Perfume Brands Using 100% Natural Ingredients

Did you know that most commercially available perfumes are made of synthetic ingredients?

Staff Writer

Drills: The New Egyptian Perfume Brands Using 100% Natural Ingredients

Studies have shown that most commercially available perfumes are largely comprised of around 95% synthetically-made ingredients - causing a myriad of skin sensitivities and allergies. This is exactly what lead perfume enthusiast and maker, Maged Taha, to create Drills; his own line of naturally derived fragrances having noticed the hazardous effects of commercial perfumes on his own skin.

Drills Perfumes are meticulously crafted by combining up to 9 complex notes forming the top, heart and base of the fragrance, where each Drills fragrance bottle takes a whole month to mature and is created through extensive blending tests taking up to 4-6 months to reach a unique scent.

The line offers a range of aromas,  such as Neat Spice, Mellow Green, Sweet Wood and Rich Cedar, all of which are fully derived from natural plants, flowers, roots and leaves, which means it lasts much longer than commercial perfumes.

We got our hands on Royal Lang, a creamy voluptuous perfume that's accented by all the right floral top notes, giving us an aromatic fix that lasts a full day, where the fragrance comfortably blends with the body scent, neither overpowering or underwhelming - just the perfect balance. 

Natural perfumes have ignited a strong buzz worldwide, but many still don't fathom the sheer difference between natural perfume and its synthetic counterpart - until they smell it on their wrist.

Drills Perfumes are available at Pearls Showroom in New Cairo. You can find out more on the Drills Instagram.