Tuesday July 23rd, 2024
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Egypt Climbs 10 Places on Global Innovation Index 2019

Some important categories took a hit, while generally, it seems, things are getting better.

Staff Writer

Egypt Climbs 10 Places on Global Innovation Index 2019

Within one year, Egypt has jumped ten places on the Global Innovation Index, which measures countries' capacity for innovative problem-solving and research capacity. Ranking 92nd on a global level, Egypt maintained its 17th spot when it comes to the MENA region.

As seen on Enterprise, the progress was made on the back of a number of improvements in knowledge-intensive employment, percentage growth of GDP per worker, GDP spending on computer software and creative goods exports, among other fields. It's not all sunshine and unicorns though, as Egypt saw its quality of education slip by ten ranks, and scored low when it comes to general infrastructure, regulatory environment and investments. Human capital and research categories, meanwhile, fell by seven ranks in 2019.

The '100 Million Health' initiative, which aims to entirely eliminate Hepatitis C and has so far been on track, received special praise in the annual report, boosting Egypt's position in medical and health innovations category.  

Photo: The Greek Campus