Saturday April 20th, 2024
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Egypt Set to Launch its Own Facebook Spin-Off

In an effort to control cyber-terrorism.

Staff Writer

Egypt Set to Launch its Own Facebook Spin-Off

Egypt’s Minister of communications and Information Technology, Yasser Al-Qadi announced earlier today that a Facebook-like Egyptian social media platform is currently underway, according to Egypt Independent.

Applauded by several members in parliament, the overall response to the undertaking of the Facebook spin-offwas a positive one with MP Yehia El-Kedwany backing the gesture and stating that it will aid in national security and allow for a firmer control on social media, according to the Egyptian Streets.

Adding that the recent cybercrime bill - formulated in collaboration with the Ministry of Justice -  aims to deter terrorists from finding and enlisting members through social media platforms, Al-Qadi concludes that the cabinet has approved the new bill and it will be transferred to parliament for further discussion. 

This comes in an effort to fight terrorism and was encouraged by the growing number of social media users in Egypt. Aiming to develop the country’s information and technological infrastructure, this is one of the steps in Egypt’s strategy. The tools of this action plan also come in an attempt to protect the country’s citizens from terrorism by allowing for an upgrade and an enhanced legal agenda focused on the protection of individual privacy and society.

Al-Qadi infers that the Egyptian manufactured Sico phone is only the beginning, with more of its kind to follow in the near future, adding that the establishment of three optical fiber factories are likewise a part of the plan. He also adds that the government is a focal point in this new information and technology shift with a clear end goal to combat terrorism by starting at the source, and that includes instructing its nationals on the risks of terrorism-inspired thoughts and opinions.

Egypt's President Fattah Al-Sisi has demanded an increasing of USD 10-15 billion in Egyptian information technology exports to be overseen within the coming two years, stated Al-Qadi.

Editor's note: It was announced on the 14th of March that the above statement issued by Minister of communications and Information Technology, Yassel Al-Qadi, has been misinterperted. Egypt’s head of public relation’s ministry, Mohamed Hanafy Khedr Mostafa, has clarified that the ministry does not have any set plans to create an Egyptian Facebook-like platform. Khadr further explained that the minister had intended to voice support for the Egyptian youth whom he described as capable of innovating platforms like Facebook.