Tuesday May 30th, 2023
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Egypt Implementing One Unified Call to Prayer Across the Nation

A system to unify the call to prayer into one singular call is in the process of being implemented.

Staff Writer

Minister of Awqaf Amr Farouk Shoukry has announced that the trial period for a single unified call to prayer has been successful and that all of the technical issues have been dealt with appropriately.

So far, the new system has been implemented in 1006 mosques; 635 in Cairo, 272 in Giza and 99 in Qalyubia. This year, the second phase of the trial will be launched in Greater Cairo. In addition, several tests will be conducted all over the nation to understand further how people perceive the change, and to study different feedback amongst different governorates.

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(Photo credit: Années de pèlerinage).