Wednesday November 29th, 2023
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Egypt is the Arab World's Highest Consumer of Hash According to UN Data

UN research highlights that Egypt is among the world's 30 highest cannabis-consuming countries.

Staff Writer

We all know how big hash is in Egypt, but we've never had any factual studies telling us just how big it is, until now. In an extensive report based on UN data by The Telegraph, the world's 30 most cannabis-consuming countries were revealed, based on the percentage of the population that has taken on the habit. Egypt snatched the 25th position with a staggering 6.25% of the population designated as hash smokers, which when translated to actual numbers, the figure equates to slightly more than 6 million Egyptians. A gross underestimation, we think.

Although Morocco and the UAE are featured on the map, Egypt is, unsurprisingly, the only Arab country to make the top 30. Israel, however, was featured on the list as the Middle East's highest consumer of cannabis, with 8.88% of the population regularly getting high. In Africa, Egypt came in fourth to Nigeria, Zambia and Madagascar, who appeared on the list at the 3rd, 10th and 22nd positions respectively.

If this doesn't make a strong argument for legalising the already-existing flourishing hash industry in Egypt, we don't know what will.