Friday May 24th, 2024
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Egyptian Thug in Turtle Torture Probe

Sea life NGO HEPCA discovers images of cruelty to an endangered sea turtle by a diving instructor in Hurghada.

Staff Writer

Egyptian Thug in Turtle Torture Probe

Shocking new images showing a man carrying out vile abuse on a rare sea turtle reveal the sickening consequences of Egypt’s animal trafficking trade.

A probe by marine conservation NGO HEPCA shows the man, thought to be a Hurghada diving instructor, wrestling with the battered body of the majestic sea creature. The callous treatment of the animal, considered an endangered  species by animal rights experts, provoked outrage on the organisation’s Facebook page.

This will do nothing to improve Egypt’s abysmal reputation regarding the treatment of animals. The news echoes a CairoScene probe earlier this year, which unearthed a cruel animal smuggling ring offering a variety of wild animals, including lions, tigers, and even rhinos for average Egyptian.

The absuser's stomach-turning bravado has been condemned by local authorities and officials. Police have now arrested a man in connection with the abuse and he is currently awaiting charge.