Friday February 23rd, 2024
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Two Egyptians Set to Run in This Year’s European Parliament Elections

Not one, but two!

Staff Writer

For the very first time, Egyptians are running for the European Parliament elections. Set to be held between between the 23rd and 26th of May 2019, it's the 9th parliamentary election since the first direct elections in 1979.

The two Egyptians running to be Members of the European Parliament (MEPs), are Ahmed Abdel Hamid Khalaf Sayed, nominated by a Greek party, and Maysara Soliman (pictured in main image), who was nominated by the Austrian People's Party.

Egyptian Minister of Immigration Nabila Makram, expressed her pride in Soliman, urging Egyptian expats in Austria to participate in the vote, while also expressing her gratitude to the Egyptian community and Egyptian Church in Austria for their support of Soliman.

Main image courtesy of Austrian People's Party