Friday December 8th, 2023
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Five, Six, Hepta — Eight: The Box Office Hit Updates Film With an 8th Stage

Has anyone not seen Hepta yet? Okay, everyone did. Has everyone memorised the seven stages, set them in stone? Well, there is an eighth stage you should know about.

Staff Writer

Word on the street is that in the past three months that Hepta has been screening, it got people calling their exes back, contemplating their awful choices in partners, or finally (wo)manning up and confessing their love. But wait, did you know it got updated? Yes, there is another part to it – there's an 8th step to love. You still have a chance if the first seven don’t work out.

The addition to the film is a hilarious song by one of Cairo's favourite bands, Sharmoofers, who turn out to have quite the soft side it seems, and it features most of the stars of the film like Amr Youssef, Gamila Awad, and Ahmed Malek. Oh, and guess who has a bigger role in the video clip than they did in the film? Mohammed Farrag! “He shows how he was deceived about his role in the film, shows his true feelings about his small role, and ends up seeking revenge with Sharmoofers – it’s just hilarious,” said Samar Yassine, PR at Mad Solutions.

Don’t worry, though; it’s not all hate. The videoclip still shows gushy mushy love stuff, a few tears here and there, and quite the commentary on the different views when it comes to watching love films with your cold-hearted friends who you know will never ever find love. Unless, maybe – maybe – they follow up with the 8th stage.