Thursday June 13th, 2024
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Egyptian Researchers Develop Remote-Controlled Device to Save Drowning People

Drowning is the third leading cause of accidental death around the world.

Staff Writer

Egyptian Researchers Develop Remote-Controlled Device to Save Drowning People

A team of Egyptian researchers from Assiut University have designed a remote-controlled flotation device that's built to rescue people from drowning without the need for lifeguards.

Presenting the device at last week's Cairo Innovation Fair, Mohammed Naji Al-Nashar, director of the university's Technology Transfer Unit which built the device, said that the rescue device was put through an experiment earlier this week in Alexandria's seaside; the device proved effective in its ability to quickly pull out the drowning actors, according to Al Bawaba.

The device is controlled with a remote, and can run at almost 2km per hour (or 21 knots). The device is also designed to handle the tides during day or night, as it is equipped with flashlight.

The cost of the float is quite costly at about EGP 20,000, due to the process and handcrafted materials involved.

Egypt's Mediterranean beaches are getting increasingly dangerous each year, as climate change takes toll on its tides; Egypt's Al-Nakheel in Alexandria has been repeatedly closed due to the high number of fatalities that happen there, while the World Health Organisation reports that drowning is the third highest cause of unintentional death around the world.

Main image from Publika.