Tuesday July 23rd, 2024
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This Egyptian Designer Dresses You to Match Your Persona

Hexagon The Label's pieces are inspired by every woman.

Staff Writer

This Egyptian Designer Dresses You to Match Your Persona

It’s no secret that our fashion choices are a testament to who we are, who we would like to be and to the image we would like to project onto the world. The days we're not feeling it, we'll opt for our trainers and sweats. For the days where we want to be killing it or trying to make our exes rue the day they left us, then those sexy red pumps and mini dress are the way to go. Egyptian fashion brand, Hexagon the Label, founded by Mae Ragab, takes it a step further by creating lines that not only speak of our character, but of the women we are in any given situation (or most of them at least).

But First Macaroons

Online fashion brand Hexagon The Label embodies six archetypes of women (which is where the name is derived from). The collection is made up of six lines, Not that Into you, But First Macaroons, I Wear An Arm Shield, I was Born in Spring, Dull Outfits Bore me, and Plain It Simple

I Wear An Arm Shield

Not that into you is basically pieces that embody the rebirth phase in a woman's life or the woman who’s kind of born again. She’s been through struggles but has landed on her feet and is pushing back,” says Ragab. “But First Macaroons is more about the woman who’s refined, detail oriented, doesn’t take risks and is elegant. I wear an Amr Shield is for the strong woman who walks into a room and knows she owns it.”

Not That Into You

I was born in Spring is all about the lace, flowers and pastels while Dull Outfits Bore Me represents a risk-taker unconfined by societal norms or fashion norms for that matter. Embodying someone who makes their own rules, the Dull Outfits Bore Me archetype is the women who won't shy away from mixing plaid pants with a poka-dot top with an orange jacket (God forbid). Plain It Simple on the other hand is for the minimalists, those of us who still look hot AF while putting in minimal effort. Ragab, who studied fashion styling in New York's Fashion Institute of Technology, sees fashion as more than merely a statement. It is who you are and what you are going through at any given time.  

I Was Born In Spring

“I realised our outfits have a personality. We don't just wear something to wear it. What you choose to wear says a lot about you and the message you're trying to send in that situation. Basically, I’ve been these six women throughout my life and each time what I was going through something, it was portrayed through what I would chose to wear,” explains Ragab.  “It’s basically about which personality you want to show to the world.”

Plain It Simple

Ragab, who taught herself how to make all her pieces from scratch, shadowed workers in factories in Egypt for a year until she learnt everything from A to Z. 

“I wanted a label that speaks to all women and I want women to find their personalities in the clothes they choose to wear. When you go shopping, it’s not just shopping, it's finding yourself in what you wear and how you dress.”

So for the times you want to show your ex how well you're doing without him or that day you want to show your interviewer what a boss bitch you are, Hexagon The Label is your go-to. 

Check them out here.