Thursday July 25th, 2024
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Shave Off All those Skincare Myths with Gilette Venus's #REVEALWHATSREAL Campaign

Venus took over Sahel this summer with some treats and some tips.

Staff Writer

Shave Off All those Skincare Myths with Gilette Venus's #REVEALWHATSREAL Campaign

Does anyone else remember how, as kids, we had to hide our shavers from mama as she recounted to us all the perils that came with shaving? No? Just us then? Being the rebels that we were though, and due to our strong aversion to pain, we paid no heed to these silly warnings that turned out to be completely false. And let’s face it, Venus has saved us a lot of time and trouble, regardless of mama’s warnings, and it's here to bust all those shaving-related myths once and for all in Gilette's new #RevealWhatsReal campaign.
Having had the #RevealWhatsReal activation in Sahel by the beach, the beauty care tycoons gave the women of Sahel, including influencers the likes of Malak Badawi, Georgina Tawaf, Gina Adel, Laila Youssef and Ranin El Gaby, a session of lush pampering, all while they set the record straight about a few things. Remember all those rumours about hair growing back thicker when we shave? It turns out that it's completely untrue. Venus clarified that studies have found that hair grows the same regardless of how it’s removed; it’s all about the genes baby.
Amidst our neck massages and invigorating scrubs, Venus –  with their avocado and olive butter blend shavers – opened our eyes to the fact that shaving isn’t actually harmful to the skin. That is, as long as we’re using specific shavers with the proper built-in flexible moisture bar, which does quite the contrary in ensuring that we don’t get skin irritations. They can even be used for sensitive skin!

Besides for all those out of the blue, unplanned weekends where we risk bumping into our crushes, Venus Breeze gently exfoliates our skin leaving it silky smooth and glowing. The flexible moisture bars built into the Venus Breeze, release lather to ensure less friction with the skin. 
Did we also mention that this whole ingrown hair thing is completely inaccurate? Venus let us know, right before giving us our gift bags at their activation, that shaving actually removes dead skin and allows for hair to grow in the direction they’re meant to. 

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