Thursday June 13th, 2024
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I Love Nacelle: Two Parties to Rule Them All Before House Sessions Comes to an End

House Sessions to bid us adieu - in the most spectacular fashion obviously.

Staff Writer

I Love Nacelle: Two Parties to Rule Them All Before House Sessions Comes to an End

Moving on can be tough, especially if you are talking about moving on from five annual seasons of world class party shenanigans. Nacelle’s House Sessions are over and it is time to bid those characteristic vibes and that spirit adieu, lick our wounds, shake off the memories and limit our rambunctious party antics to our bedrooms and get full time day jobs. But not before we party ourselves into a coma.We can feel our eyes watering, but we have to be strong for Nacelle as they bring this chapter of their history to a close in the most memorable way. To all you Nacelle fans out there, this weekend is set to be a bittersweet one, bitter because it is the last ever House Session, and sweet because we get to celebrate it with a lethal dose of partying – don’t worry, your liver can handle it. This Thursday night, which marks the very last House Session, deck masters Super Flu and Aly Goede will both help you achieve closure, after which, we expect you to go home, get a good night's sleep before the morning bash on Friday. LOLJK, we know only about eight of you will actually get some rest after the party. The next's morning bash on Friday at the Royal Club Mohamed Aly Club is going to be epic with Nickodemus flying in from the Big Apple to host his Turntables on the Nile and he’s bringing friends; percussionist Nappy G and vocalist Al Sarah. And as if we needed more convincing, Lebanese electro trio Loopstache, Mr. Africa himself Safi, Vybe, Tito and the aptly named Flowery Twats will all be there! This is Nacelle’s way of saying, “sorry I broke your hearts, but look, alcohol!”

Main image courtesy of ZG Captures.