Saturday June 15th, 2024
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It's Your Turn to #OpenYourCity With Heineken

After releasing their special edition bottles, each emblazoned with the name of an Egyptian city, and after taking 6 men of the world on a whirlwind adventure, the Heineken team will be coming to a bar near you, with loads of prizes in tow.

Staff Writer

It's Your Turn to #OpenYourCity With Heineken

As summer comes to a close, we’re all back in our respective cities and, as Egyptian urbanites, naturally, we spend an inordinate amount of time at various bars around the city, tossing back a few beers, munching on some snacks, gabbing with friends…you know the drill. But lest we forget our sense of adventure and exploration, Heineken is bringing it right to us…well sort of. Digitally. Which is how we like everything these days isn’t it?

In four cities across Egypt, they’ve tapped some select bars to set up some fun games in where the winners walk away with a slew of Heineken goodies like headphones or towels (for your upcoming beach trips; someone always forgets to bring a towel – you know who you are).  The touch screen game will play on their new city-branded bottles so think Temple Runner but the Egyptian edition, with a few twists and turns added to it. We’re assuming you have to run through each city and face a series of obstacles (oh no, a giant Luxor temple is collapsing on me! Oh dear all the books in Alexandria’s library are attacking me! That kind of thing) in order to save the princess (beer).

All you have to do to take part is buy 2 Heinekens, which you know you’re going to do anyway, and presto! Winners walk away with an avalanche of prizes. Cairo players can find the game at L’Aubergine Zamalek (Mondays 9PM-12AM), The Tap (Tuesdays 9PM-12AM), and The Garden (Fridays 10PM-1AM), while seaside dwellers in Sharm El Sheikh can hit up Camel Bar (Tuesdays 9PM-1AM). Meanwhile Hurgada will be hosting the game at Papas Bar (Saturdays 10PM-1AM) and Gounies can find it at Jobos (Mondays 9PM-12AM). And finally Alexandrians can make their way over to Hooligans (Mondays 9PM-12AM) for a shot at some digital exploration and very real prizes.