Wednesday November 29th, 2023
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Egyptians Should Take a Closer Look at this Spicy New Ad Campaign

Some finger lickin’ good advertisement skills right there, boys and girls.

Staff Writer

We (ha ha) pride ourselves for our sharp wit and keen eye for detail whenever something sensational comes jiggling into the global media scene, it’s our bread and chicken after all. Sometimes though, we lay eyes on something that leaves us flabbergasted, and that was the case with this ad campaign by the crispy creatives over at KFC Hong Kong.

The Colonel (or maybe Chairman in this case) over at Hong Kong’s Kentaaky offers our brothers from other mothers beyond the seas a signature chicken recipe unlike what we have here; the “Hot & Spicy” recipe is massively lauded as a staple of any patron’s KFC visit over in Hong Kong. To celebrate this, KFC got in touch with New York-based marketing firm Oglivy & Mather to come up with this hot set of visuals. Using a mix of 11 herbs, spices, expert lighting conditions and a side of creativity, the folks over at Oglivy spliced up the Colonel’s sinfully savoury chicken with flames of epic proportions. Pretty apt if we do say so ourselves

“Hot & Spicy delivers a blast of fiery heat with every bite. But its crunchy texture and colour is visually similar to a real-life fireball. So this visual duality became our inspiration – and we just love how it’s come together in such a simple, yet universally understood way.” – John Koay, Creative Director at Oglivy Hong Kong.

Meanwhile in Egypt:

Photos courtesy of Oglivy & Mather Hong Kong.