Thursday July 25th, 2024
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Khadafi Fried Chicken: KFC Launches in Libya

KFC is set to open the doors to its very first branch in Libya within weeks…

Staff Writer

Khadafi Fried Chicken: KFC Launches in Libya

The people of Libya are in the firing line for some finger lickin' good news as KFC prepares to open their first branch in the war torn state.

The store, set to open in the city of Tobruk within weeks, will mark the first internationally famous Colonel to visit the country since the fall of former tyrant Muammar Khadafi in 2011.

Plans to open two KFC franchises in Tripoli, including a large restaurant, were abandoned last month because of the collapse in security.

The news will come as a blow to the many KFC knock-off brands that have appeared across the country in recent years.

In July 2013 KFC was forced to issue a denial that they were operating in Libya following the emergence of a spate of copy-cat branches.

A number of American chains entered the Libyan market following the 2011 upheaval.