Monday July 22nd, 2024
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La Bodega: A Piece of Tuscany In Sahel

Escape to romantic Tuscany without even having to cross the Mediterranean.

Staff Writer

La Bodega: A Piece of Tuscany In Sahel

The Italian province of Tuscany, along with all its cities and towns, is one of the most beautiful regions in the world. With gorgeous landscapes, historical sites, arts, culture and literally perfect weather, it makes a prime destination for anybody looking to get away. Hey, Egypt is beautiful too – but wouldn't we love a piece of that paradise? La Bodega, located in Marassi, will be doing just that for us this summer. 

Taking dining to an entirely new level with Tuscan heart and soul, La Bodega carries a piquant menu and warm ambience in a terrace facing the lake – perhaps the most perfect way to end up devouring an oh-so-delicate risotto paired with your choice of red wine. Our favourite part? They're open until 4:30 AM, which means more late night meals for us, yay!

You'll also find a few high tables with stools inside, which are perfect for late night conversations, mingling, and letting yourself go to the tunes of DJ Mido Maher right at midnight. However, if you're petite like some of us, and your feet dangle off stools, you can always ask for an outdoor seat – just as cozy as any indoor seat without the embarrassing little hop you'd have to do to get down.

Aside from the scenery, their tempting menu carries an international selection with a creative Mediterranean twist. If you're not big on seafood, trust us, you will be after you try their calamari platter, melded with local and imported ingredients.

If you're in Sahel and haven't made La Bodega a culinary destination yet, and you still haven't treated yourself to a night in Tuscany, we will try to forgive your lack of wanderlust, but we suggest grabbing someone you love and exploring the world. You'll be surprised the worldly experiences you can have while still being close to home.

For reservations call 01027761614.

Check out their Facebook here or Instagram page here